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The Outdoor Adventure Program is a family founded agency whose mission is to bring people together and help them grow through safe, fun, and meaningful outdoor experiences. 


The Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) reaches out to children, families, and EVERYONE to bring back the true joy and fun of playing outside!

The OAP has a passionate, extremely experienced staff that wants to help guide Outdoor Adventures to pass on the wonder of what nature has to offer in a safe and mindful way. 


"As a child, I can remember the fantastic discovery of poke berries and the fabulous pink staining ink inside, picking blackberries off the fences, building forts in the woods, making homes for the turtles, catching crawdads, and playing in the ditch in my underwear in the rain. I think that is what it is all about and I want to make sure everyone has those opportunities!" -Stephanie Colvard, Program Director


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